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My name is Angelo di Costanzo owner of the restaurant. Everything started in 2000 at that time I was 15 and wanted to have fun, I wasn't supposing to go on with the family's activity...after some days I was managing the restaurant full of customers!
So I rolled up my sleeves and a bit scared I got into the kitchen and started cooking.


I learned immediately one thing: humility. Facing your strenghts, limits and possibilities, being aware of how many things you still have to learn. I understood that before cooking I had to find an identity, what do I want to cook? I started to read family notebook studying lots of recipes...but something was missing, a project to realize and express a cuisine that made 'sense'. I had thousands of questions to give a reply!

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I had to start with food. Four letters that includes everything! Behind tastes and smells are hidden a lot of meanings; behind the pleasure of eating, cooking or baking a pizza there is a net of simbols and languages that builds the world of the cuisine science. Who loves to cook usually search, discovers, tries and acts based on his knowledge creating a need for communication of feelings and passion thanks to its fantasy.

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Many years went by and I hope that I have been able to spread our passion for food and cooking.


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Closing day: MONDAY

Via Nazionale, 1345, 38025 Dimaro TN


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