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Our restaurant maintains the characteristics of our traditions evolving towards mediterranean and even fresh fish dishes. A cuisine rich of tastes and smells but simple at the same time, where the freshness of our infredients together with passion and love for food won't let you down. Tradition and innovation even for the more demanding.


From the start you can enjoy fresh and natural ingredients, with recipes tipycal of our tradition like Tortei di Patate with Speck Trentino and Casol├ęt from Val di Sole.
Even the more demanding will be pleased wiht Beef Tartare with Sauteed Onion or Marinated Trout with Citrus and Fannel Salad.

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Fresh dough is the main ingredient of our first course, you can try it togheter with both meat and fish like roed deer and trout.
Not to forget the attention we give to our traditional recipes in this case for example with the famous Canederli, Strangolapreti and Barley Soup with Vegetables.

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If you love meat and fish you can't skip on our second courses where we try use our prime materials at its best like Trout, Deer, Mushrooms and Cheese. In particular we offer many recipes with Polenta and different kind of meats. We are always looking for something new and different but never forgetting our traditions.

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from Tuesday to Sunday

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  • 18.00 - 23.00

Closing day: MONDAY

Via Nazionale, 1345, 38025 Dimaro TN


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